How ‘Bears’ made Vikings ‘Haters’ in ‘Bully’ clip | Bleacher Report

NFL Network reporter Chris Mortensen and Bleacher Nation’s Justin Verrier break down the moment when the NFL Network’s ‘Bump and Run’ segment took on the Vikings after they beat the Bears last Sunday.

Bears fans react to ‘Bumped and Run”s airing on NFL NetworkChris Mortensen: Vikings fans react when ‘Bumping and Running’ airs on NFLNV’s ‘Hate Me Vikings” showBears fan reacts to ‘Hated and Bumped’ airing on ESPN’s ‘Outside the Lines” showBleacher Report’s Justin Volrier: Vikings fan reacts when ‘Hateful and Bump’ airsOn this episode of “Inside the Lines,” NFL Network correspondent Chris Mortenson and Bleachers’ Justin Verriers go over the scene where the NFL network aired its “Hated in Minnesota” segment.

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