How to protect your eyes from the COVID-19 pandemic

Authorities say a reporter was arrested for allegedly taking photos of the coronavirus outbreak.

The reporter was taken to jail in the state of New Jersey.

State police say the arrest is the second time in two weeks a reporter has been detained for taking photos during the coronas outbreak.

State Sen. David Loeffler (R-Bergen) is calling on the New Jersey Department of Public Health to investigate the incident.

He says he will file a bill that would require police to report to a court when a reporter is detained for photographing, video or audio.

The New Jersey Times reported Tuesday that a reporter for the Associated Press was detained on Monday in the town of Camden, New Jersey, after taking photos at a coronaviruses event.

Police told the Times that he was being charged with a misdemeanor.

The Associated Press’ report says the reporter was charged with violating a New Jersey law requiring police to notify a judge when they detain a person for a crime.

A judge has the power to order the reporter released, the report says.

The AP story said the reporter had taken photos of an outdoor event in the village of West End before and after the coronaves, but he was not charged with taking any photos that day.

The article also says that the arrest comes just one week after the Associated Journal reported that two reporters were arrested in the same county for taking pictures of a coronaves event.

In that case, the reporters were released after the sheriff’s department issued an alert.

In addition to New Jersey and New York, officials in California, Arizona and Massachusetts are investigating the issue of photographers taking photos while in the midst of an outbreak.