Eager to get the Eagles’ injury report on the go

The Philadelphia Eagles are looking to keep up with the demand for injury reports as the season enters its final months.

The team is in the midst of the NFL’s concussion protocol, which is intended to help players with symptoms and injuries from repeated concussions recover faster.

The NFL is expected to release its next concussion report in June.

The first concussion report will be released on July 23.

Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz was the only quarterback to start the season on the PUP list.

Ahead of Thursday’s game against the Cleveland Browns, Eagles coach Doug Pederson addressed the injury report. 

“You’re always looking to be on the top of your game, and I think that’s what we’ve been doing throughout the whole season, and that’s one of the reasons we got through the first half,” Pederson said.

“And I think our guys have been really good at taking advantage of the opportunity and trying to make sure we’ve done everything that we can to stay on top of that.”

It’s been a rough start for Wentz, who was held to two first downs on a sack and an interception in the first quarter, including a second-quarter interception.

Wentz has been benched in three of the Eagles four games, but he remains on the roster, despite being listed as questionable with a knee injury. 

On Thursday, Pederson praised Wentz for his effort on the field. 

“[He’s] been out there doing what we told him to do and he’s been doing it,” Pedersaid. 

The Eagles were shut out for most of the first three quarters, but Wentz looked like he was playing through some lingering injuries in the fourth quarter when he scored on a touchdown pass to running back Jordan Matthews.

Matthews has missed the past two games with a foot injury.

The Eagles have not lost a game since they were 0-3 against the Saints in Week 4.

With the bye week in the books, Pedersubsequent to the Eagles season-opening loss to the Atlanta Falcons on Sept. 11, Pedersen said he will be on top-of-his-game in terms of his communication with the players.

“We’ve done a lot of that in the last month or two,” Pedersenaid.

“It’s a big thing, obviously, with that time off and the bye.

So, I’m sure there’s a lot more to come, obviously.”