How to keep your laptop and iPhone running during an outage

The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department has released a list of the types of devices and devices that will be able to operate during the expected outage.

The LVMPD is calling on residents to have a backup plan.

According to the alert, LVMSDs can be powered down, disabled and/or shut down using the following steps:1.

Open the LVMED Manager app, then tap the power button.2.

Select Power Management.3.

Tap Power on the power management menu.4.

The power management page will appear.5.

Select Turn Off Power to prevent a power outage.6.

Select Check for System Error.7.

Select OK to close the Power Management page.8.

Enter your LVMID and Password, then select the option that says System Error, then wait for the system to reboot.9.

Enter the password and tap OK to confirm the password.10.

Select Reboot when prompted.11.

Select Shut Down when prompted to restart the system.