New snowfall on the East Coast, winter storm forecasts on the West coast

A new snowfall forecast for the East coast and a winter storm warning for the West Coast has been issued.

Key points:Snowfall is expected to peak early next week and continue through the weekendThe storm forecast calls for snow on the entire east coastThe storm could bring up to 2 inches of rainThe storm is expected on the west coast of North America, the storm is moving north along the Pacific, and is expected from the end of next week to late in the weekend.

“The snowfall will peak on the east coast early next weekend and will continue through to the weekend,” a forecast from Wednesday afternoon says.

“If you’re traveling from a warm spot in the West to a cold spot in a cold place in the East, you may find yourself with a couple inches of snow in the west.

And if you are on the coast, you’ll have at least a couple of inches of that.”

The storm has a track that is moving into the West and is forecast to be the largest snowfall in more than 60 years, the forecast says.

The forecast is based on a combination of a snowfall of 3 to 7 inches for the eastern half of the U.S. and 3 to 9 inches for parts of the East.

The storm, which has a storm surge of 12 feet or more in some places, is expected along the West Oregon coast.

It is expected across the entire Eastern seaboard and into the Great Lakes region.

A forecast from Thursday morning says that winds will reach 20 mph and rain will be heaviest in the mountains of Oregon, Washington, and Montana.

“As the storm moves closer to the West, winds will start to move westward, with a chance of a significant rain event,” the Weathers website says.