Which teams will be better in the post-lockout playoffs?

There are so many factors involved that you can’t get too caught up in what will happen to the standings before the season starts.

We will cover the main ones in a moment, but first let’s start with a look at what to expect.

The Canucks are one of two teams that have already clinched their playoff spots with a win over the New York Rangers on Sunday.

While the Canucks haven’t clinched home ice for the first round, it’s a huge step forward for Vancouver.

The team was eliminated from the playoffs for the second time in four seasons.

The Leafs won’t be going to the post playoff games either.

The Blue Jackets have a bye this week and then face the Capitals on Monday and the Blues on Tuesday.

The Leafs will play the Sabres on Wednesday and the Canadiens on Thursday before returning to the rink for the Stanley Cup Final against the Florida Panthers on Friday.

The Hurricanes are also not going to be participating in the playoffs.

The Hurricanes are coming off their best season in franchise history, which includes a third straight Presidents’ Trophy and a berth in the Eastern Conference Final.

The last time the Hurricanes went to the postseason was back in 2007, and the last time they lost was in the first period of Game 7 of the 2009 Western Conference Final against Edmonton.

The Bruins and Kings are the other teams who have yet to win a game in the postseason.

Both teams are looking for the fourth straight trip to the Stanley.

Both clubs have had some injury issues this year and both teams have had issues in the past.

The Bruins have had two different goaltenders go down with injuries in the last two games, and there are concerns that the injury could put them in a difficult spot down the stretch.

The Kings, on the other hand, will be without defenseman Dustin Brown for the majority of the playoffs, and defenseman Matt Greene is out indefinitely with a torn Achilles.

The Sharks have clinched the Pacific Division and will play in the conference final.

The Sharks have lost two straight games to the Kings and Bruins and will be looking to get the win over them.

The Ducks are coming back after a bye week and they have a game on Thursday against the Sharks.

The Sabres have played in seven of their last eight games.

The Predators will host the Blues in the second round and the Canucks will play their first post playoff game against the Flames in the third round.

The Islanders are playing in the NHL Western Conference Semifinals against the Stars, but will also play against the Blackhawks in the round robin stage.

The Blues are a team that has been playing better than expected this year, but the team has had some rough patches.

They have lost three straight games and four of their past five.

They will need to find some more success in the coming weeks and get back on track.

The Oilers are coming to the playoffs after losing their first four games.

They are looking to clinch the final playoff spot in the West, and will likely be looking for a win.

The Oilers have won five of their first six games and have won four of the last five.

The most recent loss came in Game 3 of the Western Conference Quarterfinals against the Ducks, who had the puck back with 2:41 left in the game and had a 3-2 lead.

The Stars are looking forward to their matchup with the Oilers.

The Flyers are looking like a playoff team again.

They haven’t lost a game this year.

They had the second best record in the Western conference, and they will be hoping for a sweep against the Canucks.

The Penguins will host their first postseason game since March and they are hoping to get another victory in the series against the Kings.

The Penguins had the third best record last year and have the fourth best record this year at 12-5-1.

The Capitals have had their struggles this season, and have lost seven of nine.

The Flyers are going to need a win against the Bruins and Blackhawks to make the playoffs again.

The Sabres will face off against the Rangers and the Capitals will play against their own divisional rivals.

The Wild have played three of their four games against the Capitals, and both games have gone to overtime.

The Panthers will face the Flyers, Penguins, and Kings.

The Coyotes have won eight of their nine games, including a victory against the Jets.

The Coyotes are one win away from their first playoff appearance in franchise History.

The Vegas Golden Knights are a longshot to make it back to the Western Confession, but they will have a tough time of it if they lose this game.

The Rangers are coming up off a bye, but have lost five straight games.

The Wild will host Minnesota and the Predators will face their divisional rival, the Panthers.

The Jets are coming into the playoffs on a three game winning streak, and if they win against Nashville on Monday night, they will move into a tie for second place in the Central Division.

The Blackhawks are coming in with the third worst record in