Dishwashers Outage: What You Need to Know


— Dishwasher owners in Oklahoma say a power outage at several outlets on Thursday night caused some to temporarily shut down.

ABILENDAR reports that at about 6 p.m., one customer called to report a problem with a dishwasher.

The customer, who identified himself as a restaurant owner, told ABILENDA that he called the company and had a representative come by and work on the issue.

The representative said the problem had been fixed, but that it would be an extended wait before the customer could use the service again.

In the meantime, a second customer called the same number and was told that they would be working to get the dishwasher repaired.

The second customer was not able to use the dishwashing service on Thursday and was advised to wait until Friday morning.

ABILENE reports that the issue affects more than 600 outlets in Oklahoma.