5,000 floodwaters on the rise in Louisiana as record rains leave 1,000 homes inundated

4,000 people have been rescued from floodwaters in Louisiana after a record-breaking storm, officials said Monday.

The storm left more than 1,400 homes and businesses underwater in Louisiana and flooded parts of the Gulf Coast, where homes, businesses and even vehicles have been destroyed, the National Weather Service said in a statement.

The agency said some 200 homes and three structures have been fully restored in Louisiana.

The total rainfall over the weekend was almost 11 inches (35 centimeters), compared with about 11 inches in the same period in 2016.

The record-setting rainfall is the third highest amount on record in the United States, the NWS said.

The Louisiana floods are the latest in a string of severe weather events that have struck the country in recent months, causing millions of dollars worth of damage and forcing thousands of people to flee their homes.