Consumers report more than double the rate of Lyme disease in the first month of 2018

Consumers report double the rates of Lyme illness, a new study finds.

The CDC and Consumer Reports have tracked patients for the past four years, tracking Lyme disease cases and Lyme disease symptoms in more than 300,000 people.

Consumer Reports analyzed more than 3.6 million reports from June through September, and found that the average patient reported the disease in their last six months.

That rate is double what the CDC said in its most recent report in March.

The report found that a total of 4,547 people were diagnosed with Lyme disease between January and September, a jump from 4,721 in the previous month.

Consumers reported an average of 1,863 Lyme cases a day in those first four months.

Consumer reports has tracked more than 2.4 million cases over the past two years, and said Lyme cases have been rising every year.

The study did not track whether the people tested positive for Lyme or whether there were cases of other chronic illnesses.

Dr. Steven G. Dannenberg, a CDC spokesperson, said the CDC does not have data on how many people who were diagnosed are returning to work.

The CDC and the Consumer Reports team are working together to assess the scope of the outbreak and determine what is causing it, he said.

Dr Dannenburg said that while the new study is not a perfect measure of the overall rate of cases, it does show that the numbers are up.

He added that there are other ways to gauge the outbreak’s impact, such as the fact that people are being more cautious.

For example, he noted that many people have not seen a doctor in several months, which may have created an extra pressure on health care providers.