How to stop your online payment scam

PAYPAL, the popular online payment system, has been hit with a fraud report after it became the subject of a viral video of alleged scam artists impersonating it’s representatives.

The video shows an impersonator posing as a Paypal representative posing as Paypal customer service and instructing the fake Paypal account holder to pay a $20.00 balance with an apparent Paypal payment of $30.00.

The fraudster then sends the victim an email containing a code that allows them to use the Paypal app to pay for goods and services online.

PayPal, however, told MTV News that the video was a fake.

“The Paypal Fraud report was created to help consumers make better decisions about how to use their online payment service,” Paypal’s senior communications manager, Adam Taylor, wrote in an email.

“We do not recommend this video as a representation of Paypal.”

According to Paypal, there are more than 200 million users in the United States who have access to its online payment application.

However, the video does not reflect the entire number of users and Paypal is working to make the fraud report public.

Paypal said it was aware of the video and that it was reviewed and removed from its site.