How to report a fake book report for the NFL

The NFL is investigating a report that a book about the 2012 Boston Marathon bombing claimed the victims were all black.

A fake book reported by an NFL agent and published on Facebook in January claimed that the victims in the Boston Marathon bombings were all African American.

The book, by the agent, was described by NFL insider Robert Klemko as a fake, based on the description in the book.

“The book is an example of the types of books that can easily be sold as fact and are highly misleading,” the NFL said in a statement.

The statement also said the agency has spoken to Klemke and the book publisher.

Klemkowks book claimed that all the victims of the Boston bombings were black and the attacks were staged by Islamic extremists.

The fake book was published on Klemkos Facebook page, and it was not immediately clear if Klemks business was affected by the report.

“It is a matter of concern that some people are exploiting this book for their own ends,” Klemok told ESPN on Friday.

“We have a very strict policy against promoting or promoting a fake news article, and this is a violation of that policy.”

Klemkowski told ESPN that the book was the product of a Facebook friend and that it had been shared more than 4,500 times.

The NFL had no comment on the allegations.

The report by Klemkovos business was widely reported on by social media, but it wasn’t immediately clear whether it was the source of the fake book.

The account was called the “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot” book, and was created on March 23, the day of the bombing, by Klimkowk and the agent.

Klimkovos Facebook page was deleted from the site in June.

The website of the New England Patriots, the team that is based in Boston, said in its statement that the Patriots were “deeply saddened to learn that this book was distributed by our friends in the NFL.”

The team said it is working to “get to the bottom of this issue.”

The NFL has no official policy on fake books, and there have been some instances of agents using social media to spread false information.

A book that was originally reported by the website BuzzFeed and later posted on Klimkwos Facebook and Twitter accounts was published in July.

BuzzFeed reported on the book in a story about the Patriots’ draft and free agency plans.

The author of the book said he was trying to help people understand the Boston bombing but that some of the details about the attack were inaccurate.

Klamkovos book is the second fake book to be published by the NFL, after the book about former Baltimore Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis’ arrest for domestic violence was published.

Lewis was accused of striking his wife and beating her in the face during an argument at their apartment in April 2012.

The Baltimore Ravens released a statement about Lewis’ domestic violence charges on April 22, saying the team was “deepest sorry for the pain and suffering Ray and his family are experiencing right now.”

The Ravens released no other details about Lewis.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.