Which Lexus models have the best safety features?

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reports that there have been five fatal crashes involving Lexus SUVs since the year 2000, with the vast majority of those being crashes in the United States.

The number of crashes involving SUVs has continued to grow since the introduction of seatbelts in 2002, but this year’s numbers show that the majority of the fatal crashes involve SUVs in which both the driver and passenger are either wearing seatbelves or seat belts.

As the NHTSA states: “The vast majority (92%) of fatal crashes involved seatbelters, and seatbelting was most common in models that were equipped with two-position, rear-facing seat belts, and models that had an automatic braking system.”

It should be noted that while there were a few fatalities in the first half of the year that may have been the result of driver distraction, those were just the deaths attributed to distracted driving and other factors, not any intentional act of driving.

As Lexus points out, there are a few factors that may cause a crash, such as distracted driving, driver distraction or mechanical failure, which is why the NHS is still recommending that drivers always wear a seatbelt and stay on the road.

Lexus reports that in the year 2020, only 4.4% of the total number of fatalities in which a Lexus was involved involved a passenger.

This is a large decrease from 2015, when the NSHSA reported that there were 8.7% of fatalities involving a passenger in which the Lexus driver was involved.

The NHTMA reports that a majority of deaths involving a driver were due to a driver who distracted while driving, and that a third of the fatalities involved a driver attempting to evade a stop sign, and a third involved a vehicle driver who intentionally struck another vehicle.

In terms of seatbelt use, it appears that a larger percentage of Lexus owners are still using seatbelted vehicles, with 71% of owners reporting that they have one or more seatbeltees.

However, a higher percentage of owners also reported that they were using the safety features such as head restraints, and rear seatbelter use, but that they also use other safety features, such a child safety seat and a rearview camera.