Which police officers will you follow to the end?

Police officers across the country are facing a tough decision as they face a mounting crisis.

The National Association of Police Organizations (NAPO) has released the autopsy report of a white man shot by a black police officer in Florida, where a jury has yet to reach a verdict.

The officer is facing manslaughter charges, and the officer has not been charged.

The NAPO report found that the officer, Keith Sandy, fired his weapon after an altercation that ended with the officer punching and kicking the man, who was also handcuffed.

The report, which is available for the public, found that Sandy shot the man multiple times after he reached for his waistband.

Police said the officer was responding to a domestic disturbance call when he came across the man with a handgun and pointed it at the officer.

The incident happened in January, and a judge has since ordered a mental health evaluation for Sandy.

The Orlando Sentinel reported that Sandy has been placed on paid administrative leave, while the city’s police department has launched an internal investigation.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.