Vikings tweet out the latest in phishing and malware as a reminder of the dangers

The Vikings were hacked earlier this month, and the team’s Twitter account responded to the breach by posting a short video featuring a voice-over message reading “Welcome to your home for the holidays!”

The tweet came from a person claiming to be a fan.

The video was shared over 100 times, with the account itself becoming the most popular.

The voice-overs read “Welcome home from the holidays.

Keep the Vikings going!”

The Vikings’ Facebook page also shared the video.

In the video, a man asks the Vikings’ team account, “Where are the Vikings?

Where are the fans?”

The answer: a series of numbers that appeared to be the address of the Vikings locker room.

The number is “903-228-1213.”

The video then states, “The best way to find out what happened is to watch it.”

The voiceover ends, “Thank you for watching.”

The team responded on Twitter to say that it is “looking into the matter.”

The Vikings had not previously commented on the incident.

The incident follows a similar breach at the New England Patriots.

Earlier this year, the Patriots tweeted out a short message on the team page, reading, “We have been hacked and our password has been exposed.

We are taking security measures to ensure we never let the team down again.”

The tweet was shared more than 10,000 times.

The message was later removed.

The Patriots, who also posted a short statement on the tweet, also said they are looking into the incident and are “working to make sure we have an easy to access email account so that we can quickly respond to anyone who needs help.”

The Patriots are the only NFL team to have not yet responded to ESPN’s request for comment.

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