How to check for the flu and other viral illnesses, including influenza, during the cold season

By Dr. David Levine, MDEditorialDr.

Levine is a specialist in viral infections and cold-related care at the Mayo Clinic and author of “How to Catch the Flu.”

The cold season is a crucial time for the immune system to fight off infection and the flu virus, which has the ability to linger in the body for weeks or months.

In the past, flu vaccines were available to all but the most severely ill people in order to allow them to receive their first dose.

But vaccines have come under increased scrutiny as the pandemic intensified and the number of people who die each year from the flu has surged.

Dr. David and Dr. Levine are joined by Dr. Mary Ann Hochberg, M.D., a member of the faculty of the Mayo Clinical Research Institute, and Drs.

Amy Hsu, Ph.

D. and David Hochburg, M, a co-founder of the American Association of Immunologists.

We also discuss what you can do to protect yourself against the flu, including avoiding the flu shot if you have chronic illness.

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