NFL’s Vin Scully dies at 89

The Associated Press – UTAH, Utah (AP) Vin Scully died Thursday at 89.

He was the most popular broadcaster in the NFL.

He was also the NFL’s most successful broadcaster, winning more than 1,000 games.

A pioneer of live sports broadcasts, Scully pioneered the live studio audience.

He pioneered the use of video tape and the telecast itself, and his show was the precursor to the modern NFL.

He died at the age of 87.

He won more than a quarter-century of NFL broadcasts, including two Super Bowl titles and two more to his credit.

He started as a sideline reporter in 1952 and went on to host all but three of the league’s games.

He won his first two NFL broadcasts in 1953 and 1955 and his final one in 1965, becoming the first broadcaster to host a Super Bowl in each of the three previous years.

His syndicated radio show was called “The Vin Scully Show,” and he was the first NFL player to be inducted into the league Hall of Fame in 1990.

He retired after the 1995 season.

Scully was the son of the late Fred Scully, who was a former owner of the New York Giants.

His father died when Vin was about 6 years old, and the family moved to Florida.