Why does snow fall in the Northeast?

Snowfall has fallen in the northeastern United States and Canada for the first time in more than a decade, leaving the Northeast with record-high temperatures.

The National Weather Service in Boston reported Monday that snow fell for the fourth consecutive day, which is tied for the longest such streak since records began in 1893.

It is also the longest snowfall since April 2016.

The Northeast also saw record high temperatures Tuesday.

The Northeast set a record high temperature of 91 degrees in Philadelphia and New York City.

The temperature was the second-highest in the continental U.S. and the second highest in the contiguous U.K.

The National Weather Services office in Boston said the temperature record for Tuesday was set at a temperature of 93 degrees in New York.

The previous record high was set in the U.C.L.A. in January.

The cold front is expected to stay across the Northeast on Wednesday, the National Weather service said.

It’s expected to bring snow, ice and freezing rain, and will also produce a combination of wind chill and wind chill, which are not weather related.

The heavy snow is a sign that winter is on the way, the weather service said, adding that winter conditions are likely to continue through Thursday.

It’s not the first cold front to affect the Northeast, but it is the most severe since 2015.

The cold front, which has caused snowfalls of more than two feet, has not been observed in the United States since October.

The snow will likely continue to fall, with a chance of more rain and freezing temperatures, the Weather Service said.

The weather service warned that there are likely additional snowfalls expected, especially along the East Coast.

The storm will move south to the Mid-Atlantic, where it will bring snow and rain along with sleet and freezing rains.

The storm is expected move north along the coast Wednesday and will continue moving over the Northeast and into the Midwestern states.

The record low for January was set Jan. 15 in Atlanta, Georgia.

The temperature record is set in New England in July for the second time in three years.

The first record low was set on July 8, 2019, in New Hampshire.

The third-highest recorded temperature was set Feb. 13, 2021, in Philadelphia.