The weather: How to prepare for tomorrow’s forecast

A few days before the start of the new term, the UK weather service has updated its forecast for the next three weeks.

It’s a change from the usual prediction that we get in the winter months, which looks more like a series of snow showers, and also the ones we get when we’re dealing with a major storm like Irma.

The new forecast, published by the Met Office, predicts a warmer than average winter.

A snowstorm would be possible on Wednesday, with a wind of 50mph to 60mph and gusts of 70 to 80mph.

But the weather service says a cold front is expected on Thursday, bringing heavy rain.

On Friday, the forecast calls for winds of 30mph to 35mph and wind gusts to 50mph.

That would be followed by rain from Friday to Monday.

The forecast is not as clear on Monday as it was for the past two weeks.

The Met Office says temperatures will be lower than average on Monday and Tuesday, with lows expected to reach a maximum of 10C on Wednesday.

This would mean the first day of the week could be very cold, with temperatures dipping to 5C.

The temperature on Monday is forecast to be a comfortable 7C, but Wednesday could be colder, with highs dropping to around 7C.

This means on Monday, the average temperature could be a cool 5C, with the highest temperature of the day being recorded at 7.5C.

By Tuesday, temperatures will start to climb, reaching 10C, although they could dip below that mark by Wednesday.

But then on Thursday and Friday, temperatures are expected to fall back down.

On the last day of school, temperatures could be below zero, and a warm, sunny day is forecast for Tuesday.

By Friday, this will be reversed, and temperatures could fall back to below zero.

In total, temperatures on Monday are forecast to reach an average of 8.4C, which would be a record low.

On Tuesday, it’s forecast to rise to 9.4, and then on Wednesday to 11.6C.

And on Thursday it’s expected to be just below 7C for the first time in 20 years. 

What you need to know about today’s forecast: The Met Office has said that there will be a number of high winds and thunderstorms.

But as usual, it says that these conditions will only occur on the south coast.

A number of low-pressure systems are forecast on Wednesday and Thursday, with high pressure off the north coast. 

The forecast calls on for high winds, mainly from the south-west, and strong storms, with gusts as high as 75mph on Wednesday night.

But there are a number areas where this will not occur.

It also calls for gusts in excess of 50km/h, with some areas being hit by more than 40mph winds. 

On Tuesday, the Met’s forecaster has warned that heavy rain is possible, with heavy rain expected from Tuesday afternoon.

On Wednesday, he says it could be even heavier, with wind gust of 90km/hr.

And it’s the forecast that’s more important. 

There will be rain and flooding on the west coast of England on Tuesday.

The Environment Agency says that it could produce up to 2.8mm of rain in a 24-hour period.

But on Tuesday afternoon, the Environment Agency said it was expecting only 0.2mm. 

In the Midlands, the weather will be dry.

However, a strong northerly breeze is forecast on Tuesday, and gusty winds will be possible from Thursday into Friday. 

A cold front will be moving across the UK on Tuesday and Wednesday, and there could be heavy rain in parts of Scotland on Wednesday morning. 

By Wednesday, temperatures should be back to normal, although the high temperature will be the lowest of the morning.

And then it’s a dry spell, with winds of 35km/hour and gust speeds of up to 50km-per-hour. 

This is a picture from a UK weather satellite showing the forecast for Wednesday. 

It will be warm in parts, with most of the UK having a high of 6C, and lows of 0C.

It could even be warmer in some parts of the south of England. 

But it will be colder in parts.

The high temperature on Wednesday is expected to hover at 6.8C, while the low temperature is expected at 3C.