How to get credit for credit card transactions

The credit reporting agency TransUnion says it has received complaints that people using its credit report may have inadvertently entered credit card numbers into other people’s credit reports.

TransUnion’s latest report said about half of consumers with credit reports are using a credit card number they don’t remember and that nearly one-quarter of consumers who don’t have credit reports report information say they have not seen the information they want on their credit report.

Transunion says consumers who use a credit reporting company’s credit report are not responsible for the information entered into their credit reports, which the company says are not authorized for use by anyone except for TransUnion.

The credit reporting agencies say they use the credit information to identify consumers who have made transactions with them and to help customers better understand their credit histories and credit utilization.

TransUnion’s reports do not show how much of a charge the credit report identifies.

The companies say consumers should only use a trusted credit reporting service, not a credit bureau, if they have a legitimate reason to access a credit report from another source.

TransUnion spokeswoman Andrea Burdick said in an email that the credit reporting companies are providing consumers with an opportunity to be more vigilant and to improve their credit utilization, so that they can be more confident in their credit.